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Aluminium profiles

The perfect profile for every application: The MB Building Kit System includes aluminium profiles in five lines (Lines 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12) and a whole range of designs, so that you can always find the right solution for your needs, whether in terms of load-carrying capacity, space constraints, profile deflection or material economy. As a result, the system supports the design and construction of optimised machines, plants and factory equipment.

The lines differ in terms of their modular dimensions and the size of the profile groove. The profiles in Lines 5, 6 and 8 are also available with closed grooves for easy-to-clean surfaces. item profiles are supplied cut to the desired length.

The standard material for design engineers

Line 8 profiles from item are the originals of the aluminium building kit system. Over the past three decades, they have proven themselves as a standard material for design engineers working on everything from one-off solutions to series-standard machinery. Line X profiles support design work based on straight lines and easy-clean surfaces. Line 8 profiles, meanwhile, offers the widest range of variants and are robust all-rounders that can withstand tensile loading of up to 5,000 N and use M8 bolts.

Compact and lightweight profiles

Thanks to their low weight and compact dimensions, item Line 5 profiles are ideal for constructions that are elegant but stable. For example, Line 5 profiles with flat cross-sections are used as carriage profiles in linear systems. Profiles from this line are also perfect for building lightweight frames and can accommodate a maximum tensile load of 500 N on the groove (M5 bolts).

Line 6 profiles are a good choice for use in strong, weight-optimised tables, racks and frames. They support a slimline design and use resources sparingly, while variants with closed grooves create a harmonious appearance. The maximum extraction force on the groove is 1,750 N (M6 bolts).

Maximum load-carrying capacity for demanding applications

Line 10 profiles are used when heavy loads need to be supported but space is limited. The high-strength profile flanks accommodate tensile loading of up to 7,000 N per screw connection (M10). These added-value profiles are also resistant to pre-tension losses. Lightweight Profiles 10e can be used in machine areas involving low loads.

The strongest line in the MB Building Kit System is Line 12. The grooves of profiles in this line accommodate extraction forces of up to 10,000 N per screw connection. The solid profiles are perfect for building high-strength frames and machine bases. Line 12 can also carry even heavy attachments.

Solution for special applications

Special profiles without grooves are used as edge protection or grip rails. Strips and angled profiles are available in a range of sizes for all types of special constructions. They are screwed to panel elements.


You can find all the relevant technical data for profiles on the online catalogue pages for the individual profiles, where you can also download CAD data and use the profile deflection calculator.


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